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We are located in the central part of the United States.   Our household consists of 

two varieties of Persians.  These include a bi-color cat (a loved senior cat ), silver

and golden Persians each registered with the Cat Fanciers Association, Inc. (“CFA”).




I am an advocate for the United Silver and Golden Fanciers’ Club (“USGF”) an Internal

Revenue Code, § 501(c)(7), nonprofit social club which is a member club of CFA.  USGF, 

ongoing since 1972, publishes a Quarterly publication and is organized around two breeds

of cats, the silver and golden Persian and the silver and golden Exotic cats.  These breeds

have two types of coats, i.e., a chinchilla coat or a shaded coat.  These two types of coats

come in four colors:  a silver or golden chinchilla, a silver or golden shaded, a blue silver

or golden chinchilla, and a blue silver or golden shaded.  All varieties are described

in detail on the United Silver and Golden Fanciers’ Club’s website at:






Anyone interested in joining the United Silver and Golden Fanciers’ Club can

access the above website to acquire additional information.  Additionally, one can

receive information and join the USGF by sending an email to  shadedkn@sonic.net




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